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For untold centuries,
Bunny Reaper did his job, unseen in the shadows of a sunny day, moving silently in the night's mist, to swing his razor scythe and reap the mortal souls of all creatures – field and forest. Nature can be cruel. Predators need to eat. Bunny Reaper has stayed very busy collecting vaporous spirits from their deceased remains throughout the animal kingdom.
His timing is perfect. He can snatch the soul of a mouse or rabbit the very instant the talons of an owl or eagle claimed their lunch or collect the essence of a tiny insect from the outstretched tongue of a bullfrog. Bunny Reaper fancied himself better than his human counterpart.

How did it start? How did the order of the Bunny Reaper begin?

For as long as we can remember, he had always worn this hooded robe and carried his scythe of eternal harvest. The cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth could not function without his faithful service. But someone wanted to cheat the inevitable reaping, and these mystical, magical sorcerers began to conspire to seek a way to eliminate Death.

OHMies know that Bunnies are the most powerful creatures on Earth, and the wise and ancient Bunnies of Light believed that their powers could revoke even Death itself.

The Bunny Wizards rightly reasoned that while the Bunny Reaper works in Life's Twilight, cloaked in the dying season of Autumn and the cold stillness of Winter, they in fact draw their magic from the Dawn, not the Sunset; from the Beginning instead of the End; from the symbols of Birth, not Death; the Life-renewing blossom of Spring.

And so it was, an egg chosen for the powerful spell against Death. For in all cultures across the globe, the egg symbolizes fertility, creation, Birth, evoking hope, purity, good fortune, resurrection, and eternal life.

A magical Bunny has chosen to deliver this egg as a sacred vessel to its intended purpose.

The eggs carefully nestled in a woven hand basket filled with soft grasses and totems of bunny shapes of sugar, chocolate, and sweetened dough. Each egg is then hidden to strengthen its potency.

The egg itself is marked and colored with powerful runes and incantations. And on a sacred day in early Spring, as the great wizards chanted in their warren, the Bunny of Light set forth with the colorful basket to fulfill his quest.

Can you hold the results of that historic effort to defeat Death? We can't explain how, but Bunny Reaper is now imprisoned within the magic confines of a colored egg. Sent back to his very origin to hatch again, to be reborn, and to be reincarnated.

As the pieces of shell are chipped and broken away, the glare of a single bloodshot eye, the growling snarl of sharp rabbit teeth, the protrusion of ears and scrambling feet, and the shudder and struggle within the egg ready to burst forth. All signs indicate that Bunny Reaper is ready to get to work.

Will you help free him?

What has he become now? What will he do if he gets free? Shall there be no Death in the world as long as you keep him prisoner?

You now have a personal responsibility. This is your gift. This is your burden. This is your destiny. You are a chosen guardian of OHM.

Good luck with that.

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