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A symbol of hope and reassurance of fair judgment after death.

The most crucial task of Anubis is to guide deceased individuals across the threshold from the world of the living to the afterlife. As the "Guardian of the Scales," Anubis would weigh each human heart against Ma'at, the ostrich feather of Truth. If the heart was heavier than a feather, then the soul was devoured by Ammit; but those hearts that were lighter than a feather ascended carefree to the happiness of heaven.

Anubis, "The Dog Who Swallows Millions," "The Master of Secrets," "Lord of the Sacred Land," offers the hope of guidance, fair judgment, and eternal life after death.

OHM is reminding you to breathe, to let your daily worries, cares, and resentments fall away -- let it go! -- so your heart can soar as light as a feather!

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