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Chi Chi Sticks

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BOTM (Bead Of The Month) No. 16

And now the fun part. In the mood for a little fortune telling magic? Let’s make your own Chi Chi Sticks, OHM style! This set includes a tube of blank sticks, so you can come up with your own set of predictions based on your own vision/understanding/beliefs. It is fun and easy! Here is how:

Make a list of predictions you would like to have your fortune to be told from. Traditionally there are two ways of doing so - by assigning a number or a keyword to each prediction.
Write the numbers or keywords corresponding to the predictions on the sticks.
Make a wish!
Ready? Go! Tilt the tube forward and shake it in a rattling manner. Only one stick should fall out. If more than one stick fall out, put the sticks back in and shake the tube again.
Once only one stick falls out - you are ready to read your fortune.

Have fun!

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