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Drink Me

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A hanging tag with the inscription "Drink Me.” You’ll recall, at the very beginning of Alice’s adventure, she chases a mysterious WHITE RABBIT and tumbles down a deep, deep hole. Oddly, Alice is not hurt by her long fall, and finds herself in a lamp-lit hallway with many locked doors. Alice notices a golden key on a glass table but the key does not fit any of the doors. Finally, behind a curtain, Alice discovers a tiny doorway that the golden key can open, but poor Alice is far too large to fit through that miniature door.

That’s when she makes another discovery upon the glass table: a small bottle with a tag hanging from around its neck that reads "Drink Me".

Alice hesitates, fearing the liquid may be poison; but there are no warnings or signs of danger on the bottle, so Alice dares to drink its contents. It’s delicious! The strange drink seems to be a mix of flavors including cherry tart, custard, pineapple, toffee, roast turkey, and hot buttered toast. Immediately, Alice shrank to only ten inches in height. But you remember the story: Alice had forgotten to hang onto the key and now it was out of reach on the tabletop. It’s easy to forget stuff when you’re drinking.

Our OHM DRINK ME hanging tag goes perfectly with our entire series of Alice in Wonderland designs.

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