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Promo Glass

Go Far (Retired)

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Due to the nature of handmade glass, the item you will receive may look slightly different from the stock photos.

Did your parents, friends, or teachers ever tell you, “You will go far in life”. But how far is far? The Arctic tern, a white seabird, migrates about 24,000 miles every year, which is roughly the same as flying completely around the Earth. Human astronauts hope to soon visit our nearest planetary neighbor, Mars; but the Red Planet is thirty-three million miles away! And that's the close one! Of course, distance is relative. In the tiny world of insects, a Honey Bee scout can forage up to ten miles away from its hive, a flea can jump 150 times its own body length, and a Monarch butterfly can migrate 4,000 miles from Canada to Mexico.

So, how far will YOU go to achieve your dreams? A wise teacher once said, “Set a clear intention about something you want; stay focused on your goal; be persistent; get back up when you fall, and love yourself through the whole journey.” In celebration of Earth Day and all the travels of our lovely planet, we offer this beautiful glass bead GO FAR. We believe you truly will.

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