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Meteorite - Limited Edition

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Due to the nature of handmade glass, the item you will receive may look slightly different from the stock photos.

A hunk of rock hurtling through space is called a meteoroid. If that meteoroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it enters as a blazing fireball called a meteor or shooting star. If that fiery chunk survives long enough to strike the Earth’s surface, it can be given the glorious moniker of meteorite.

Most meteoroids are made of rock, and as they blaze through our atmosphere, their surfaces melt and sculpt into various shapes, sometimes resulting in shallow thumbprint-like indentations on their surfaces called regmaglypts. As they decelerate, the molten surface of each meteorite solidifies into a thin fusion crust.

OHM is pleased to offer you a magnificent METEORITE inspired glass design, complete with regmaglypts and molten black coloring as proof of its long passage from the far reaches of deep space, through the fire here is not of atmospheric entry but OHM glass artist's expertise. You too will cherish this little piece of the Universe and the promise of infinite adventure that it brings from a galaxy far, far away.

Available Exclusively at Perlen Odense in Denmark.

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