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Shark Bay

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SHARK BAY is an amazing natural wonderland on the westernmost point of the Australian continent. The bay itself covers a massive area, dotted with countless islands and peninsulas, and teeming with hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, and different fish, including many rays and, yes, sharks. The most massive shark in the world, the whale shark, gathers in SHARK BAY during April and May full moons.

The bay is also home to 10,000 dugongs, or "sea cows," a cousin of the manatee. Endangered species of green and loggerhead sea turtles nest on the bay's sandy beaches. Humpback and southern right whales use the bay as a migratory staging area, and bottlenose dolphins forage for food, attracted by the world's most abundant meadows of seagrass on the bay's sandy floor. Due to the hot Australian climate and rapid evaporation, the water of the bay is nearly twice as salty as the surrounding ocean. Further south, some of the world's oldest living algae formations, called stromatolites, have been rising from the water since prehistoric times.

Deep blue sea waves swirl into white foam as they spread across the sandy shore. The vibrant salty blue is flecked with shimmers that could be darting fish, bubbles from a whale, or a nearly transparent jellyfish. Is the sandy hue the seagrass floor? Or sea turtles nesting in the shoreline dunes? Your imagination can soar with the rising flocks of birds or leap with the dolphins or even cruise with graceful menace like a shark. Surely this is an OHM bead worthy of the name SHARK BAY.

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