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Promo Glass

Foggy (Retired)

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Due to the nature of handmade glass, the item you will receive may look slightly different from the stock photos.

Perhaps you’ve heard that classic George Gershwin song “A Foggy Day in London Town.” The lyrics start sad and lonely as the writer walks the misty early morning city streets alone, but then he says, “But the age of miracles hadn’t passed for, suddenly, I saw you there, and through the foggy London Town the sun was shining everywhere.”

Yes, love can indeed dispel even the densest gloom and melancholy fog; but, we at OHM rather enjoy a foggy day! We created this lovely, misty glass bead and named it FOGGY in celebration of our favorite foggy moments: such as the curling fog that hangs low over the sea, sliced by the beam of a lighthouse and accompanied by the long, low moan of the foghorn warning. We love that! We love our early morning jogs through curtains of foggy mist, or fog clinging to the hills like a smoky blanket, or fog adding a ghostly, eerie pall to the night as if a shadowy specter in a long cape and top hat might emerge beneath a streetlamp.

If you love the fog too, then this swirling cloudy bead is just for you. We don’t need love to dispel the fog; we see love like author Mehmet Murat Ildan, “When fog invades the plains, everything disappears; everything but fog. When love invades the mind, everything disappears but love.” Let our FOGGY bead add mood, mystery, and love to your bracelet, but be careful; the fog is an ethereal and elusive thing. You know the saying, “I tried to catch some fog, but I mist .”

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