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GOTM NO. 27 Shift Of Perspective

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. It's not what we own, but how we feel about what we have. Happy? Keep going. If you feel stressed and uneasy, it's time for a change. Consumerism exists in all aspects of our lives from food to clothing, in all sorts of accessories and an excessive number of hobbies. How can we keep enjoying ourselves when too much stuff takes over and clouds our judgment about the present moment?

Shifting perspectives help change our point of view. Expanding a point of view is a powerful skill key in problem-solving, decision-making, and personal growth. By seeing things from a different angle, we can challenge our assumptions, broaden our understanding, and gain a more nuanced and accurate view of the world around us. Are you ready for a change? Ask yourself, what is it you truly want?
You have beads. There are not too many. Each one is a treasure! Are you content? If yes, keep collecting. If not, ask yourself - why? What do you really want? Maybe too many purples are not really your thing. Maybe it's time to start collecting greens and yellows and focus on your solar plexus. Find your 'why' to keep going. And don't forget to share. Reduce. Reuse. Regift!

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