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Coming Of Age

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Due to the nature of handmade glass, the item you will receive may look slightly different from the stock photos.

When invited by OHM to participate in the project, an OHMistry collaboration, artist Juli Baker, and Summer selected the COMING OF AGE image. This particular artwork had been featured in a 2021 solo exhibition of the same name in Tokyo, Japan, employing acrylic paint techniques and pencil drawing on paper. The painting depicts a naked woman reclining comfortably on a grass carpet in a flower garden. Despite deviating from societal norms of beauty, the woman portrayed exudes satisfaction and pride in her authentic self, evident in the joyful smiles on her face.

Juli Baker and Summer, inspired by the fear of confronting life's changes and the pain imposed by societal beauty standards, chose this image to break free from those constraints definitively. The transformation from a painting to a 'Coming of Age' glass bead conveys a powerful message of embracing change, fluttering in the wind. It symbolizes the shift in mindset from representing one woman in society to resonating with the experiences of many women worldwide."

The paintings exude brightness and vitality, with lines that evoke a sense of freedom and cheerfulness reminiscent of summer happiness. These distinctive qualities have become the personal signature and inspiration for the name 'Juli Baker and Summer' within the art circle, adopted by the artist 'Phaan - Chanardee Chatkul Na Ayutthaya.'

Growing up in an art-loving family, Phaan received unwavering support, witnessing the glimmer of artistic expression from an early age. Determined to pursue a career in the field, Phaan graduated with a degree in fashion and textiles from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn University. Over the years, Phaan has explored various formats in art, including drawing, writing illustrations, designing fabric patterns, and creating products.

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