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World Boy

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Due to the nature of handmade glass, the item you will receive may look slightly different from the stock photos.

A new creative venture presented itself when Puck collaborated with OHM to design glass beads, selecting the image of World Boy—a character with a globe for a head. This character, a park inspector lost in thought surrounded by various animals, serves as a metaphor for self-reflection. The blue and green glass beads represent the Earth's crust, conveying the message that despite differences, the world's inhabitants can coexist and thrive by caring for one another. In Puck's narrative, the interconnectedness of all things is emphasized, reinforcing the idea that we are the world, and unity is essential for survival.

Triphak Supawatthana, like many others, grew up immersed in Japanese cartoons. His fascination with reading, watching, drawing, and writing fueled a childhood dream of becoming a cartoonist. Triphak relentlessly pursued avenues that aligned with his passion, practicing diligently and submitting his work to contests. His dedication led him to enroll in the Faculty of Decorative Arts at Silpakorn University, providing a deeper understanding of art theory and clarifying his artistic preferences.

In his pursuit, Triphak developed a distinctive style featuring strange and surreal characters, vibrant colors, and a pop culture influence. Operating under the pseudonym "Puck," his work served as a powerful tool to question and critique society, reflecting on prevalent issues and seeking answers.

Describing his work as a blend of sweet exterior and bitter medicine, Puck uses cartoons as a form of personal expression, akin to writing a diary. Through his art, he explores inner feelings and encounters, emphasizing the essence of his cartoons as a portrayal of the value of life. The characters, though eccentric and imperfect, symbolize individuals striving to overcome challenges and progress.

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