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The Leopard That Shines Like A Gem

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Due to the nature of handmade glass, the item you will receive may look slightly different from the stock photos.

Previously collaborating with OHM on Exhibition 9, dedicated to the memory of His Majesty King Rama IX, Hifly showcased his talent for paper folding, including a rendition of Khun Thongdaeng, the royal pet dog. Continuing this partnership, Hifly brought forth another aspect of his creativity by introducing a glass bead design for the Thailand Artist Collection. This collaboration with OHM stems from their shared journey with the leopard, symbolizing a companionship grounded in mutual support and exploration.

Presenting his painting THE LEOPARD THAT SHINES LIKE A GEM to OHM, Hifly envisioned glass beads that captured the essence of the leopard, combining contrasting colors harmoniously and featuring the distinctive leopard pattern. Each glass bead, akin to a precious gem, embodies the splendor and magnificence of the leopard, reflecting its inherent value

At the age of 10, folding paper into the shape of a samurai helmet marked the beginning of, Putthipong Prathanawanit, Hifly's journey into the world of art. His fascination led him to explore and study paper folding techniques from artists worldwide, igniting excitement each time he witnessed ordinary paper come to life. Reflecting on the joy of those playful days, Hifly expressed how his journey has exceeded his initial expectations.

Recognizing their son's genuine passion, Hifly's family decided to support his artistic pursuits, sending him to pursue a bachelor's degree in computer animation in Florida, USA. However, Hifly's interest shifted towards drawing, prompting him to engage in self-learning alongside formal education. He began drawing continuously, experimenting with various styles, and even ventured into selling his artwork. Through this process, he discovered his unique style, which revolves around the playful depiction of leopards—a motif that has become his signature. These leopards, vibrant and full of color, embody both whimsy and the concealed elegance and power of a tiger.

"In the beginning, my determination to prove myself and explore my identity led me to a rigid framework that stifled my creativity. However, as I allowed myself to relax and create freely, I found a path that reflects my true self through the image of the leopard. It's not just an ordinary leopard; it's a leopard adorned with intricate details, shapes, colors, and patterns, reflecting my personality."

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