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Due to the nature of handmade glass, the item you will receive may look slightly different from the stock photos.

POLARDON is derived from the combination of two words: Poseidon and Polar Bear, symbolizing the sea god and the iconic white bear of the polar region. Despite their greatness, they too face the impacts of global warming and human-induced environmental degradation. Regardless of their magnificence, they lose their power as humans assert dominance over everything—nature, animals, and even gods. The imagery of POLARDON on an ice block amidst a herd of beloved unicorn, surrounded by ocean litter, calls for a reevaluation of environmental issues in the real world.

POLARDON glass beads are designed in a cubic shape resembling ice cubes. The vibrant beads echo Yuree's cartoon characters, adorned with golden scales that complement the paintings. The interior of the beads mimics ripples and waves, representing the enduring beauty of the sea that should be preserved indefinitely.

Yuree Kensaku, a Thai-Japanese mixed heritage artist, finds joy in creating diverse forms of art, including paintings, sculptures, designs, graphic styles, animation, and street art, blending techniques and experimenting with materials without limits. This has led to a unique identity recognized and proven through numerous art exhibitions both domestically and internationally.

For Yuree, drawing is akin to taking notes—a record documented through images, conveying the surroundings and impactful life stories, transforming them into vibrant cartoons with clear lines while carrying underlying societal implications that prompt reflection.
"Intending to convey challenging and negative narratives through bright and charming cartoon characters, turning adversity into beauty. Yet, beneath the apparent beauty lies hidden thoughts yearning to reflect and raise awareness of the realities. Much like observing the world, it depends on the perspective one chooses. Ultimately, whether it's good or bad, one must come to terms with it. Therefore, as an artist, I aim to present without burden. I wish for those who view my work to find happiness. Thus, prioritizing concepts and style over realism."

Asked about feelings while collaborating with OHM: "Each type of art has its unique way of communicating with different groups. Having worked in various mediums, I've met many people and found joy in learning and embracing new experiences. This collaboration is no different. Usually, I work on large pieces, but working on glass beads with OHM requires meticulous attention to detail."

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