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Due to the nature of handmade glass, the item you will receive may look slightly different from the stock photos.

Inspired by his ILLUSION painting featuring the multicolored polygonal cubic girl's face, OHM transformed it into glass beads of the same name. These beads convey the essence of the word "illusion" through intertwined and vibrant patterns. Tikkywow emphasizes that each bead is unique, with no two being alike. When individuals examine these beads, they interpret them differently, much like how others perceive us. In reality, what they see may not reflect our true identity, as perceptions can vary depending on one's perspective.

Pichet Rujiwararat, known as Tikkywow, has been intertwined with art for a lifetime. As a child, he enjoyed drawing and coloring, submitting his work to contests and winning numerous awards. Growing up, he decided to pursue studies in art. After graduating, he began his career as a graphic designer for a magazine, then transitioned to work as a creative in an advertising agency. In his spare time, he continued to create art and design work in his unique style.
"Routine work is done according to the brief, while artwork is created from the heart. When engaged in artistic endeavors, we live with our own emotions. Learning, correcting, improving, or failing is entirely our own journey. However, routine work requires collaboration with others. Organizing thoughts is crucial, avoiding excessive emotions but not neglecting oneself. Often, the results of art-making are applied to routine work, and vice versa, creating a symbiotic relationship between the two."

Employing sharp lines and vibrant colors that contrast and stand out, Tikkywow reduces some details to offer a fresh and enjoyable perspective. He selects stories from his surroundings, including current trends, to convey through his artwork for everyone to appreciate. These elements are evident highlights in Tikkywow's work.

"In the beginning, my work was characterized by bold black-and-white lines, which I found appealing. However, after some time, it started to feel gloomy and dark, as if I were alone. Changing my perspective and embracing color transformed my work into something more tangible. Viewers find joy in it, and so do I."

One notable response came from Juxtapoz, a British arts and culture magazine, which was intrigued by Tikkywow's work and reached out to feature his art. This led to numerous collaborations with globally renowned brands such as Nike, Toyota, Intel, KFC, Food Panda, G-Shock, and more.

"It's as if we are small individuals in some corner of the world, but there are people who see the value in our work, driving us to further self-development. Art transcends any singular form; it can turn everyday things into works of art. The modern world offers paths for us to explore our identities and create new things previously unimagined."

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