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The Metamorphosis Of Melting Snowwolf

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THE METAMORPHOSIS OF MELTING SNOWWOLF is a painting teeming with various elements and contexts, including the sun, pyramids, pizza, fans, camels, ice cream, and sphinxes. At first glance, it's hard to fathom how they all coalesce into one image. Mowgli, embodied as a snow wolf, serves as the focal point of the composition, with May-T narrating a tale that transcends imagination.

"For me, Mowgli symbolizes a transformative force in my life. This painting captures Mowgli's essence just before his passing. I envisioned portraying Mowgli in a fantastical and surreal manner. Here, Mowgli appears as a melting ice cube, symbolizing humanity's defiance against nature. Taking a dog accustomed to the cold and snow and raising it in a tropical city akin to a desert, despite our efforts to adapt, the heat nearly melts us like ice cream. The melting also signifies the conclusion of Mowgli's life cycle. Though I wished to have Mowgli by my side for longer, as he aged and fell ill, he departed, and we couldn't hold onto him. All we can do is immortalize Mowgli through art, allowing him to exist indefinitely in the world of creativity, akin to living beyond death in a pyramid guarded by a sphinx."

While the painting tells a multifaceted story, its translation into beads simplifies the narrative. Utilizing shades of blue, pink, and yellow—resembling Mowgli's fur—the beads each carry significance based on May-T’s emotional resonance. Blue represents the cold, symbolizing Mowgli's origins from icy lands. Pink embodies a surreal realm, signifying the hope for Mowgli to endure. Yellow represents reality; ultimately, Mowgli's life fades away like melting ice. However, yellow light also symbolizes warmth and remembrance. Despite physical separation, the beauty of friendship endures, lasting eternally.

Methee Noichinda, the guitarist of the iconic alternative rock band Modern Dog from the 90s, is one of the well-known figures associated with OHM, having previously collaborated on designing the OHM X MayT bead collection.
With nearly 30 years in the music industry, this man has traversed time with remarkable skill, as evidenced by his six albums that remain contemporary and timeless. He maintains a distinct identity of his own.

Apart from music, May-T also shows interest in other art forms. When he commits to something, he dedicates himself wholeheartedly. He began by studying and practicing, leading to an increase in his artistic output, culminating in solo and group exhibitions.

"Drawing is like a retreat when I'm exhausted from music. During the quiet moments of sketching and painting, I find solace. It's refreshing to give my auditory senses a break and engage other senses instead. This led me to enroll in a serious drawing course. I started by imitating the works of famous artists, much like when we learn to play music by covering other artists' songs. Eventually, I aimed to develop my own style and techniques, choosing to depict subjects close to my heart. It's about familiarity."

"Mowgli," the beloved Siberian Husky, became a significant source of inspiration and a muse for May-T.

"Mowgli is more than just a pet; he's a companion who taught me to appreciate life's intricacies. We spent over 11 years together. Through art, I documented Mowgli's story and growth. Even though Mowgli is no longer with us today, every detail remains etched in my memory, as if he's still by my side.”

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