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Promo Glass

Cairn (Retired)

Earn OHMbucks

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Due to the nature of handmade glass, the item you will receive may look slightly different from the stock photos.

Stacks of rocks, or cairns in Gaelic Scotland, have been built since prehistoric times as trail guides, burial monuments (or markers for buried food and treasures), as astronomy charts, as military defenses, or for ceremonial rites in sacred places. An old Gaelic blessing of friendship states, "I'll put a stone on your stone." Coastal cairns, painted white, were used to warn ships of rocky shores or travelers of dangerous cliffs. In South Korea, hikers stack stones for good luck in tribute to the Mountain Spirit.

Today, stacking stones are often used as a meditative practice. The rugged durability of stones represents the soul--or truth itself--that which is eternal, yet the carefully balanced rocks can easily topple, which represents the impermanence of life and all our temporal efforts. The act of stacking and balancing stones requires focus, patience, and profound stillness of the mind--each carefully placed stone is a prayer or thought of gratitude--a meditation on the oneness of self with the vibrations of the stones and the surrounding environment.

Our OHM CAIRN will add a subtle, carefully balanced hue of color to your bracelet, reminding you of the precious impermanence of each day, the gratitude you feel for guideposts along your journey, and the friendships you share that stack blessing upon blessing. "I'll put a stone on your stone" and a pebble of good luck too!

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