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Due to the nature of handmade glass, the item you will receive may look slightly different from the stock photos.

It's little wonder people anticipate spring so strongly. It brings warmer weather and some much needed color back to the natural world. These facets together help us to feel altogether more cheerful following dark winter months. For the Ohm Beads Spring Flower line, we drew inspiration from vibrant blooms as we bid welcome to new growth.

The distinctive yellow forsythia gained its name from the Scottish botanist William Forsyth; both a royal gardener and founder of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Forsythia represents innocence, good nature and anticipation. It is widely valued by gardeners for bringing early spring color back to their own pockets of nature.

The Ohm Beads Forsythia boasts the vibrant yellow shade so associated with this flower and brings a splash of sunshine to any charm bracelet.

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