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Due to the nature of handmade glass, the item you will receive may look slightly different from the stock photos.

Do you like bacon? I love bacon! Who doesn’t love bacon? One of the worlds oldest treats.

Imagine it… that smoky scent wafting up from your Dad’s skillet, or maybe a tasty maple bar topped with crispy bacon, or a carrot cake with blue cheese frosting and bacon bits... There is a bacon version of almost anything: bacon lip balm, bacon soap, bacon tube socks, bacon vodka, and now Ohm’s bacon bead! There is even a vegan version of bacon which is in fact bacon-less bacon. It looks and tastes like real bacon! Though, one of my personal favorites is ice-cream infused with bacon. #SIN!

This bacon-inspired Ohm treat is for you to enjoy! Guilt and fat-free! Only the best for you of course. But PLEASE don’t bite into this one… I know it’s tempting.

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