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Redmond Gore (Retired)

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Before he arrived at the dump and came to life, Redmond was an abused toy. He was so disfigured by his former owner that he hides his head in shame behind his potato sack. He either can’t or won’t speak, though no one knows why. Perhaps the horrors of the past silenced him or maybe the boiling rage in his throat robs him of the ability to articulate. One thing is clear about this hulking teddy: Give him a wide berth!

Redmond’s life is about finding moments of distraction, things to take his mind off of his previous life. When he isn’t out wandering alone, Redmond spends time with Rita. They are perfectly suited for each other, since both would rather do anything than reflect on their previous lives. Though Redmond doesn’t speak, the others still talk to him. In his silence they hear what they want, but every now and then Redmond makes his opinions known.

Unlike many of the other bears Redmond has no desire to be reunited with his former owner unless it’s to bury an ax in his chest. Though he comes off as aloof and scary, there is another side to him. When push comes to shove, he is the Teddy Scares toughest warrior and will defend the group with his life. He also has a desire to connect with others, but is massively insecure about his scars both physical and mental. They cause him to keep his distance emotionally, although he has warmed up to Rita. In fact he would consider her his friend. His fondness for Rita and his loyalty to the group does have limitations. If someone happens to trigger a memory or an insecurity in the minefield that is Redmond’s brain, either intentionally or not, they may find their bear parts scattered to the four corners of the dump.

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