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Harvest Goddess

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As summer ends, the golden fields reaped, the orchards plucked clean, and the barns and silos filled to bursting with food to survive the coming winter. In cultures all around the globe, festivals of feasting, dancing, and offerings celebrate this bountiful time of harvest from the fertile body of Mother Earth.

The Ancient Greeks named her Demeter, the goddess of grains, cereals, and bread. She also presided over the sacred cycle of life and death, worshipped as the patron goddess of bakers and millers. The Romans called her Ceres -- to "create" -- crediting her with conceiving wheat and teaching humans the skills of agriculture.

Across the sea in the Americas, people called her Selu, the Corn Mother. Dances honored her as the goddess of sustenance, fertility, healing, and abundance. The elders told how she sacrificed her life so that her blood and body could sprout into the life-giving corn that allowed her children and grandchildren to survive.

OHM proudly honors all traditions of our generous Mother Earth with this beautiful Harvest Goddess design. Her body is a ripening ear of corn, complete with silver dangles of corn silk, and Draped in a flowing gown of corn husks, her arms raised in blessing your bracelet, ready for a bountiful and joyous harvest.

The HARVEST GODDESS dancing on your bracelet is a beautiful reminder of all mothers' sacrifice, nurturing, and generosity. She is also an emblem of the delicate balance between Mother Earth and ourselves caring for and protecting each other.

She is a symbol of joy and celebration and the blessings of life.

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