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Flower Goddess

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As winter closes, snows melted, fields turned and sown, the rafters filled with beams of light as the stores has been all but been eaten. In groups everywhere, festivals of feasting, dancing, and offerings celebrate this bountiful time of new life burst forth from the fertile body of Mother Earth. 

The Ancient Greeks named her Persephone, the goddess of spring, also grains and vegetation. She also presided as queen of the underworld, creating autumn while she is there, returning to us each spring. The Romans called her Flora, goddess of flowers and nature.

Ostara, Easter, Freya, or any name you give to her, she raises her arms high, and spreads her roots far, symbolizing fertility, abundance, hard work, and a return to light.

Honoring the traditions of our general Mother Earth, OHM offers the FLOWER GODDESS in beautiful bloom, with an articulating hard working bee buzzing by for a visit. Ready to display the full might of possibilities she is ready to bring her delicate petals to your necklace, or bracelet.
The FLOWER GODDESS shining bright can remind us all of mothers’ continued support, fuel, and guidance. A beacon reminding us of the fragile connection to each other that must be cherished and nurtured. 

She is a symbol of hope and celebration and the blessing of life.

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