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The Lucky Lanterns

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This is a blind bag item. It is sealed and is not eligible for return if opened. The item you will receive may look different from the stock photos.

Symbolize divine light emanating outward to the world to dispel evil and darkness and bring yourself LUCK! The light within is provided by a dazzling glass orb that catches the fire of brilliant sunlight as it moves and sways from your bracelet.
The lighting of paper lanterns is a regular part of celebrations -- sometimes the lanterns are set adrift on water or launched into the air like helium balloons. There are five distinct classes of Chinese lanterns, including the Tomato Light or Big Red lantern, which is the classic round mid-sized version. After 2021's THE RED LANTERNS was released OHMily asked for more colors! 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit and THE LUCKY LANTERNS are poking their heads out of the warren in all kinds of colors!
What color lantern will come home with you? THE LUCKY LANTERNS are all sealed blind bags with myriad color options available, color selection not guaranteed!
This is a blind bag item. All sales are final, no returns or exchanges.

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