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BEADMAIL NO. 35 Love Path

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The path of love can be a challenging one, but it's a journey worth taking. It requires surrendering oneself to the experience of love, even when there's a risk of getting hurt. It's important to remember that the journey can be long or short, easy or difficult and may bring both joy and heartbreak.

The blooming love represents the beginning of a new relationship, where love is growing like a beautiful rose. It's a time of excitement and hope for the future, where love can bring joy and fulfillment.

Roses symbolize love and beauty, reminding us of the beauty and romance of love. Falling deeply and passionately in love is one of the greatest experiences in life.
However, there is always a possibility of a broken heart. When there's love, there can also be pain and heartache. Just like the petals of a rose can be easily damaged, a person's heart can be fragile and easily broken.

But healing is possible, and time can be a great cure for a broken heart. With time, wounds can be patched over, and we can become wiser, stronger, and more aware of the potential risks of love.

This bead represents the unpredictable nature of love, reminding us to appreciate its beauty while being mindful of its potential to cause heartbreak. It's essential to be brave enough to take the risk of love, even after experiencing a broken heart. Past experiences should not stop us from getting on the path of love again, being ready to surrender and try to love again.

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