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BEADMAIL NO. 38 No More Drama

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Emily Dunbar, known as “fashionstoryteller” on Instagram and Youtube, has a background in Fashion Design and has always loved to tell stories through clothing and other creative outlets. It is no wonder that she fell in love with charm bracelets, with each bracelet (and bead) telling a unique story. She shares these stories on her blog and social media platforms.

Emily’s first OHM design was DON’T GIVE UP.The inspiration for NO MORE DRAMA came to Emily after playing with her dog, Alice Haenim. It had been a very stressful week of drama. Emily was done with it. She came home, made a cup of tea, and went to play with Alice, who ironically brought over her “Drama Llama” toy to play with. It was a gift from fellow bead collector, @myprettycharmedlife (inspired by an inside joke between friends). Alice tackled the “drama llama” and made Emily laugh. That poor Drama Llama must have had enough 🤣

Emily hopes the story and message behind this bead will remind others to join in saying NO MORE DRAMA. At the opportune moment, when it all feels like too much, she hopes this bead will remind others to relax, make a cup of tea and cherish the small moments.

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