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OCTO: OHM Kitty Kingdom

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 Explore the bustling OHM Kitty Kingdom, where lively feline characters come to life:

  1. Her Meowjesty: Reigning with regal grace, she's the beloved queen, ruling the kingdom with a gentle paw.

  2. Meowhammed Ali: Once a street fighter, now a valiant protector. His paws fight against injustice, shielding the community from lurking shadows.

  3. Grim Whisker: Cloaked in mystery, his presence whispers tales of enigma. Is he a feline omen or a guardian unseen?

  4. Meowty The Pirate Paws: The mischievous troublemaker, navigating the seas of mischief, always plotting to liberate treasures from the affluent.

  5. Neko Miyamoto: A time-traveling Japanese warrior, still unraveling the threads of his own existence across the epochs.

  6. Razorclaw The Feline Slayer: A skilled assassin, driven by a quest for vengeance, seeking justice for a past that still haunts his every move.

  7. Sir Whiskersteam: A noble scientist with a penchant for invention. But, behind the beakers and gears, does a grander plan lurk in the whiskers?

Embark on a whisker-twitching journey with these enchanting characters, each contributing their unique yarn to the rich tapestry of the OHM Kitty Kingdom! 🐾🏰✨


Now you can order your favorite prototypes to be crafted at OHM Studio on demand. These designs may or may not be released in the future. Once a specific design/size moves to production for a worldwide release, that option will be removed and can no longer be ordered.


  • All OCTO sales are final.
  • The current lead time is 6-8 weeks.

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