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OCTO: Shroomie Invasion

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Shroomies are playful, curious, mildly intelligent and unintentionally dangerous. They tend to commandeer anything that isn't tied down and they love to emulate the behavior of the people they see or encounter... Just nowhere near as competently. So if you see a Shroomie Chef, he probably isn't going to make you something edible, a Shroomie Botanist is more likely to poison you then craft you a healing potion and I wouldn't rely on the accuracy of a Shroomie Archer.

Creator: Lance Wilkinson
Company: Epic 'N' Stuffs

Now you can order your favorite prototypes to be crafted at OHM Studio on demand. These designs may or may not be released in the future. Once a specific design/size moves to production for a worldwide release, that option will be removed and can no longer be ordered.


  • All OCTO sales are final.
  • The current lead time is 6-8 weeks.

One of the more passive Shroomies, flowers and vegetation tend to grow on his cap which he periodically harvests for medicinal use... or at least we think that's why... 

Despite their small size these little puppers can consume A LOT and also produce a ton of waste, it's supposedly good for your complexion.

Shroomies don't really have many skills, they typically try and replicate other races... They will craft crude weaponry and tools but sometimes come across equipment in the field from fallen adventurers... I think this one may have found a dead Archer... 


Shroomie Elder Shaman is bringing truffle...
...excuse the pun but this Shroomie is no joke. Elder shroomies caps can get so big with age they have trouble seeing, this Shaman however makes up for his lack of vision with wisdom and some epic spell ability.



Hmmm... I don't think you're meant to hold the sword like that... well he doesn't seem to upset I guess and a bonk on the head from a hilt can do some damage... So yeah, he's bearing a sword alright...


Keep your valuables close and take care when on the road, the Shroomie Rogue is about. Agile, Light, Stealthy, the Shroomie Rogue is none of those and them 'knives' don't seem to sharp. They're not as picky as you'd think, you could probably give them anything and they'd be placated...


The Shroomie Brute isn't so cute, I wouldn't want to play fight with this guy. They grow so big that their skin stops being stodgy and becomes more like wood giving them great tanking ability. 

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