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Probably everyone knows about Mary Shelly’s infamous 1818 Gothic novel Frankenstein, but, perhaps, fewer folks know that the full title of the book was Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus. Mary was vacationing at Lake Geneva with other literary legends -- Lord Byron, Percy Shelly, John Polidori -- and throughout the rainy summer, the group challenged each other to write a scary ghost story. Mary, instead, focused on the idea of a re-animated corpse.

Our OHM Modern Promethetheus-ity Lock bead evokes the mysterious and frightening contraptions of Doctor Frankenstein’s laboratory as he experiments with electricity, magnetism, and various chemical reactions to restore life to dead tissue. Gears mesh, vacuum tubes fill, a pressure gauge twitches, wires and hoses connect the surging currents, and bolts strain to hold the metal plates in place. You can almost see sparks of lightning arc from the bead as the doctor screams, It’s ALIVE!

Best of all, because it’s a lock, designed specifically to fit with the OHM CHUNKY bracelet. This marvelous Steampunk creation will hold all the other beads on your bracelet securely in place. Mix and match our entire Steampunk Collection on your various wristwear and gear up with style!

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