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OHM Plain Bracelet

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Sizes range from 13cm to 20cm. Choose your size using the chart below (similar to other OHM S CLASP bracelet sizing).
Original OHM style of snake chain with an approximate thickness comparable to the OHM BANGLE series. Use an OHM -Y clasp, or open work bead to create your bracelet.
OHM PLAIN BRACELET will fit locks ending with -NESS. A general sizing rule is to subtract a few centimeters from your typical bracelet size when purchasing an OHM S CLASP bracelet, as the OHM -Y clasps are 2.5 to 3cm in length.
Take care when opening and closing the OHM S CLASP hooks. Load beads over the small OHM S CLASP hook, attach the clasp of your choice and secure the hook in place. Use the large OHM S CLASP hook to close and open your bracelet to the other end of the clasp.

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