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Bead Therapy Session

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Hello OHMily!!

Are you ready for some Bead Therapy? Book this FREE session now to secure your time for a one-on-one Bead Therapy experience.

Karla at OHM:

Join Karla for a personalized Bead Therapy Session at OHM. Karla will assist you in choosing exactly what you want, and together, you'll coordinate the perfect time for your session. We're thrilled to offer this opportunity for the next level of Bead Therapy!


  • Location: GOLD COAST (UTC +10)
  • Format: You choose the platform, from text chat with photos and video to a Zoom call.
  • Karla's OHMffice: Karla will conduct the session from her OHMffice, surrounded by beads & coffee (and George the KangarOHM, of course).
  • Catalog Showcase: Karla will showcase beads from our current catalog, with all their variations and particularidades. Let her know your wishlist, and she'll display exactly what you want to see.
  • Quality Time: This session is your opportunity to chat about beads with friends in our amazing OHMily!

Jenny at OHM:

Join Jenya for a 30-minute one-on-one training session online. Learn how to make your own beads using the OHM Studio 2 Go kit* and follow along online @OHMstudio2go.


  • Location: SEATTLE (UTC -8)
  • Free of Charge: This session is free with the purchase of any Starter Kit or Subscription.
  • Scheduling: After ordering, we'll reach out via email to check your availability and schedule your unique training session at your convenience.
  • Requirements: To receive one-on-one training, you'll need a wax pen and some waxes to play with.

*Starter Kit and/or subscription is required to receive one-on-one training.

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